Black Widow 20 Ton Air-Operated Shop Press
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Whether the home mechanic or small repair shop, this 20 ton press makes your work faster and easier. The press is air-operated and can be used with an air compressor or manual hand pump to bend or straighten metal, loosen seized parts, replace bearings, and more. A pressure gauge and two heel blocks are included, and the ram and table are both adjustable.

  • Great for the home mechanic or small repair business
  • Air operated - can be connected to an air compressor or used with the manual pump handle
  • Height-adjustable press table
  • 20 ton capacity
  • Includes pressure gauge


The Black Widow 20 Ton Air Shop Press is a great tool for the home mechanic or small repair shop, allowing you to easily bend or straighten metal, loosen seized parts, replace bearings, and more. This press has a 20 ton capacity and may be connected to an air compressor or used with the manual hand pump. The ram can slide along the top of the press to adjust horizontally and extends from 2-3/4" to 10" from its base. Two heel blocks are included for use with various work projects. The work press table may be placed at nine different height adjustments, spaced 4-3/4" apart, using large pins that are inserted into holes along the sides of the press frame that the table can rest on. A pressure gauge is also included to note the amount of force being used.

Black Widow 20 Ton Air-Operated Shop Press
216 lbs

Product Features

  • Air operated - can be connected to an air compressor or used with the manual pump handle
  • Great for the home mechanic or small repair business
  • Useful for replacing bearings, bending or straightening metal, loosening seized or rusted parts, and more
  • Heavy duty, powder coated steel construction
  • Includes pressure gauge
  • Includes two heel blocks
  • Ram mechanism adjusts horizontally
  • Press table can be adjusted vertically to accommodate various sized items
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Assembly required (may require two people)


Instruction Manual


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Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)


4 Stars Good press for the money

Rob from WI wrote (July 01, 2016):

I've owned this press for over a year now and am satisfied with its performance. It is build very sturdy and is powerful enough for just about anything a hobbiest could throw at it. It does use quite a bit of air, but that's to be expected. I added some metal casters to make it easy to move around my shop, and made up a receiver and set of 3/4" diameter pins from 2" to 15". The weak point seems to be the pressure gauge. The original one failed within a week and customer service sent me a replacement. That one failed soon after, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

4 Stars Great Press, Good Quality, Fast Shipping!

Jacob from SD wrote (February 21, 2015):

You cant go wrong with this 20 ton Air/Hydraulic press! I shopped around quite some time before settling on this press from Discount Ramps. What I found very appealing was the adjustable sliding ram and they had the lowest price compared to other retailers who sold similar units. Another review swayed my decision toward this press because it had thicker arbor plates. This press is well constructed and simple to assemble. The upright supports are plate steel formed into C-Channel and have laser cut adjustment holes which is very nice compared to cheaper press units that use cast formed C-Channel for the uprights. A helpful tip to tighten the ram to the support is the use a hammer & punch instead of going out and buying a spanner wrench if you dont have one. Also, replace the nylon washer supplied with the gauge with an O-ring if you can. The nylon washer leaked right from the start once pressure got high enough after I assembled my press. Another tip is to assemble the whole press on a flat surface as true as possible, especially the table of the press or else the press can twist while under pressure. After you assemble the frame loosely assemble the table and place it in the press on the large pin supports where it will be used and tighten everything down. Ill advise you NOT to use the press to its maximum pressure of 20 tons unless you actually require that much pressure for the job. The upper C-Channel support that the ram slides along will start to bow under extreme pressure which I have unfortunately done and now have a permanent bow is the top support. This hasnt affected the way I use the press at all but be cautious. Also, use a dead blow hammer to bend the tabs in on the sliding ram support arbor plate to take out the slop which can make the ram move around before you have actual pressure on your work piece. So far Ive enjoyed this press and feel it was well worth the money especially the convenience of an air-assisted ram considering larger items can be hard to handle if youre trying to hand pump the press. Other than the press showing up on my doorstep looking like the boxes got mauled by a bear everything was there and showed up in only a few days. Im very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to future projects especially building a brake press attachment for the table.

4 Stars 2 Ton Press To Impress!!!!

Jen from MN wrote (February 11, 2015):

We are very happy with this product, it is up to the standard we were hoping for. Easy assembly for faster use of this machine. Also Very impressed with the fast shipping!!!!

4 Stars 5,10, 20 ton...No Problem

Travis from WI wrote (October 15, 2014):

Small shop use: Bought this press after looking at ~$150 China brand store ones. I know this one is made in China too, but it is better quality! The air operation makes everything a lot quicker!! and has great power. Seems decently well built. The arbors are thicker than other brands. For $400 your gonna be "hard pressed" to find another one like it!