3-Channel Extra-Wide Yellow Jacket Cable Protector for 2.125" diameter cables

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Protect up to three 2.125" diameter cables, electrical cords, or hose lines from high volumes of vehicle and foot traffic in commercial and industrial job sites using this heavy-duty cable protector. Constructed from all-weather polyurethane, this extra-wide Yellow Jacket cable protector can support up to 28,420 lbs per axle and features a more gradual slope than the standard 3-Channel Yellow Jacket Cable Protector for a smoother transition over the ramp.

  • Protects cables and hose lines up to 2.125" in diameter
  • 28,420-lb per axle weight capacity
  • Protects up to three cables and hose lines
  • 62.9-lb all-weather polyurethane construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dog Bone connectors allows multiple units to be interlocked

Protect up to three cables or hoses snaking through industrial facilities with this Yellow Jacket cable protector. Thanks to the extra-wide ramps on either side of the cable channels, this heavy-duty cable protector provides a gradual slope that's easy for vehicles and small-wheeled equipment to maneuver over. The cable ramp's three channels can each accommodate a cord or hose up to 2.125" in diameter, and the hinged lid makes cable placement a breeze. A durable polyurethane construction gives the industrial-strength cable protector its massive 28,420-lb per axle weight capacity. Create a custom cable management and protection system for your garage, warehouse, or manufacturing facility by linking multiple extra-wide Yellow Jacket cable protectors together using their integrated Dog Bone connectors. All Checkers heavy-duty cable protectors are proudly made in the USA.

28,420 lbs per axle
62.9 lbs
Dog Bone

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