Female Side Ramps for 5-Channel Yellow Jacket AMS Cable Protector for 1.25" diameter cables

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Use this pair of Female Side Ramps along with other Yellow Jacket AMS (Advanced Modular System) ramp sections and five-channel center sections to configure a wheelchair accessible ADA/DDA-compliant cable protection and management system for your warehouse, job site, or garage. These industrial-strength polyurethane side ramp sections provide a gradual slope to help mobility scooters, vehicles, and other types of traffic weighing up to 32,600 lbs per axle safely maneuver over cables. Additional modular components may be used in conjunction with these and other Yellow Jacket products. Sold in pairs.

  • Provides ADA-compliant gradual slope for wheelchair access over cable protectors designed for 1.25" cables
  • 32,600-lb per axle weight capacity
  • Attaches to 5-channel Yellow Jacket AMS center sections for 1.25" diameter cables
  • 16.8-lb all-weather polyurethane construction
  • Hourglass connectors allow multiple units to be interlocked

Wheelchairs, carts, forklifts, and small-wheeled equipment will have no problem maneuvering over up to five 1.25" diameter cables when you configure an ADA/DDA-compliant cable protection and management system using this pair of Female Side Ramps along with Yellow Jacket AMS five-channel center sections and other modular ramp sections. These industrial-strength polyurethane ramp sections support up to 32,600 lbs per axle, feature integrated slip-resistant surfaces, and will not rust or corrode. Each cable protector female side ramp section features patented Hourglass connectors that attach to female ramps and center sections. Proudly made in the USA, Yellow Jacket AMS ramps are manufactured to comply with all ADA/DDA specifications. Sold in pairs.

32,600 lbs per axle
16.8 lbs

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