Cross-Guard ADA Wheelchair Cable Ramp for 1-Channel Linebacker Cable Protectors

Cross-Guard cable ramps connect with the Linebacker 1 channel general purpose ramps to provide a gradual slope as well as a slip-resistant surface. Manufactured to meet ADA and DDA compliant specifications. Great in public areas for wheelchairs, pedestrians, vehicles and carts.

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Connect the ADA accessible cable ramp to the Linebacker General Purpose 1-channel cable ramps making the cable ramps ADA compliant. ADA ramps create a gentle slope making it easy for pedestrians, wheelchairs and vehicles to get up and down these ramps. Safety symbols are molded on the slip-resistant surface. The ADA ramps still allow access to the cables and cords in the Linebacker 1-channel cable ramp so cables can be added, removed or re-organized. Constructed with all weather polyurethane designed to withstand tough conditions. The ADA accessible cable ramp can be set-up by one person without tools.

Please Note: These ADA cable protector ramps are specifically designed to only work with the Linebacker General Purpose 1-channel cable ramp and use with any other ramp will result in product failure. Cable protectors and rails sold separately.

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