5-Channel Yellow Jacket ADA Cable Protector for 1.325" diameter cables

These five-channel cable covers follow the guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act. The polyurethane cord covers can hold vehicles with a load capacity of 21,000 lbs per axle and protect cables and hoses up to 1.325" diameter.

  • Protects 1.325" diameter cables and hoses
  • 21,000-lb per axle capacity
  • Five-channel ramp
  • 21-lb all-weather polyurethane construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Interlocking male/female connectors
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The polyurethane cable protectors from Checkers Industrial are perfect for protecting cables that see heavy traffic at amusement parks, industries, commercial buildings, construction sites, or events that require quick build and tear down times. These Yellow Jacket cable protectors contain five slots that hold cords, cables, wires, or pipes measuring 1.325" in outside diameter. The hinged lid makes it easy to access cables for maintenance and quick removal. A patented 5-bar tread is applied to the base and lid to provide maximum traction during snow or rain. The extra wide ramps are designed to follow the guidelines of the ADA, or American Disabilities Act, which state that with every inch of rise, a ramp needs 12 inches in length. An unlimited number of sections can be attached due to the male and female "Dog-bone" connectors located on the long edges. Three color schemes are available.

21,000 lbs
21 lbs
Dog Bone

Product Features

  • ADA compliant ramps
  • All-weather polyurethane construction
  • Heavy duty load capacities
  • Patented 5-bar tread for maximum traction
  • Recessed carrying handle on underside
  • Easy setup and assembly
  • Safety warnings molded into surface
  • "Dog Bone"interlocking connectors
  • Compatible with 5-channel, non-ADA ramps
  • Three available color schemes
  • Made in the USA


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