Cat Tower Scratching Tray Refill by Solvit Products


Corrugated refill provides a place for cats to scratch which keeps them from damaging furniture. The refill is reversible and easily slides in and out of the tray for replacing.


Ensure that an adjustable scratching tray is never empty with this corrugated refill. The corrugated surface gives cats something to scratch instead of furniture and catnip can be sprinkled into the corrugated holes for added enticement. Corrugated refills are reversible and when both sides are worn out easily slide the insert out and replace with a new refill.

Corrugated Refill for Adjustable Scratching Tray

Product Features

  • Gives cats something to scratch other than furniture
  • Reversible for long lasting use
  • Easily slides in and out of tray
  • Catnip can be sprinkled in corrugated holes

Works With

Adjustable Scratching Tray


Instruction Manual

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