Cat Tower Scratching Tray by Solvit Products

Add an adjustable scratching tray to your Kitty'scape cat tower. The tray connects to any of the columns and can be positioned in various ways.


An adjustable scratching tray is a great addition to a Kitty'scape play structure. The scratching tray connects with any long or short column on the cat tower and can be positioned in variety of different ways. When one side of the corrugated insert becomes well used the insert can be reversed and the other side used. For added enticement catnip can be sprinkled into the corrugated holes.

Adjustable Scratching Tray for Solvit Cat Towers

Product Features

  • Connects to any long or short column on a cat tower
  • Position at various angles
  • Can be suspended vertically
  • Catnip can be added to scratching section for added enticement

Works With

Kitty'scape play structure


Instruction Manual

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