Harmar Electric Hitch-Mounted Micro Power Chair & Scooter Lift - 200 lb Capacity

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This unique power wheelchair lift features a hybrid design that combines the best attributes of the standard "inside" and "outside" lifts to overcome space requirements in newer vehicles. The lift attaches to a class II or greater hitch receiver and effortlessly loads a power wheelchair or scooter into your vehicle. After loading your mobility device into your vehicle, the lift can be removed easily from the hitch, taken apart, and stored inside.

  • Hybrid design, outside-mounted lift loads power wheelchair or scooter inside the vehicle
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Can be quickly removed and taken apart for storage inside the vehicle
  • Adjusts to work on pickup trucks and vehicles with tailgates
  • Remote 2-button hand control
  • 200 lb lift capacity

Combining the best features of both standard "inside" and "outside" lifts into one useful device, this Harmar universal inside-out lift is perfect for helping you transport your power chair or scooter using a newer vehicle with space limitations. Harmar Mobility's new inside-out wheelchair and scooter lift uses a receiver hitch-mounted lifting arm to load a scooter or power chair from the ground into nearly any type of vehicle. With the lift mounted outside the vehicle, it leaves more space inside to accommodate a larger wheelchair. The lift installs easily into a standard class II or greater trailer hitch and loads scooters and power chairs weighing up to 200 lbs. Its adjustable design also allows it to clear tailgates and work with loading pickup trucks and SUV models with fold-down tail gates. Each lift includes a free DD17 docking device and is covered by a three-year transferable warranty.

200 lbs
63 lbs
II & greater

Product Features

  • The only method available for loading wheelchairs or scooters inside many vehicles
  • Lift comes standard with a Class III (2" x 2") hitch adapter - optional Class II is sold separately
  • Complete weather resistant construction
  • Take apart design allows the lift to be stored inside the van, car or truck
  • Lightning fast installs
  • Can be removed from vehicle in minutes
  • 200 lb lift capacity
  • Remote 2-button hand control
  • Adjusts to work on pick up trucks and vehicles with tailgates
  • Includes a free DD17 docking device (not included if docking device is upgraded)
  • 3 year warranty


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4 Stars Works with little effort

Robert from FL wrote (May 26, 2014):

I've been using this with a Pronto M41 power wheel chair and it works with my Pick up hitch great. This allows me to use a cover on my bed which flips up when I need to load the chair. I leave the bracket in the hitch and I store the post and boom until I need it. I don't know about the 200 pound rating, but it picks up my chair that weighs about 165 lbs. It was worth the price and Discount Ramps were great with their service.