Bosski ATV Wagon Aluminum Tow-Behind ATV Cargo Trailer - 1,263 lb Capacity
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This rugged trailer can handle any terrain your ATV takes it. Its independent torsion bar suspension, four 25" tires, and 11" ground clearance create an easier ride over unstable, rocky paths. The aluminum bed is fully welded to seal it from outside elements and can haul up to 1,263 lbs or 45 cubic ft of gear. Brake/taillights, a lid cargo rack, and gas can holder are also included.

  • Lightweight aluminum body with powder coated steel frame
  • TIG welded, weather sealed bed
  • Independent suspension with torsion bar technology
  • Electric brakes for quicker, even stops
  • Brake/taillight with wiring for improved visibility
  • Four 25" tires easily ride over obstacles
  • Cargo rack on lid for extra storage space


The rugged ATV trailer from Bosski hauls cargo up to 1,263 lbs through rough terrain. The torsion suspension and 11" clearance allow the ATV trailer roll over boulders and through washed out paths.


Manufactured from lightweight aluminum, the rugged ATV trailer was designed to haul cargo through unstable, rocky terrain. The ATV wagon can carry up to 1,263 lbs or 45 cubic ft of equipment. A powder coated 2" x 2" steel under-frame is designed to take abusive riding much like the utility vehicles they are attached to. The aluminum bed is fully welded through a tungsten electrode process that seals the bed from outside elements. An easier ride is possible when driving over boulders because of a combination of the independent torsion bar suspension, four 25" tires, and an 11" ground clearance. Tapered roller bearings are installed on the trailer to allow riding at speeds quads and side-by-sides are capable of. A hinged lid is held open with a hydraulic gas shock and closes to form a weather-proof seal. The aluminum trailer can be used as a cooler as it retains the inside temperature. A plug is featured on the bottom of the trailer to drain any excess water build-up. The top of the lid adds extra cargo space as an outer cargo rack holds loose cargo in place. Latches are featured on the bed to keep the lid closed and sealed during transit. Additional tie-down points are available on the steel frame in the form of "D"-rings. The ATV wagon comes with an electric surge breaking system that helps shorten the stopping distance and ease downhill breaking. A brake/tail light offers increased visibility when driving at dusk or night. The wiring needed to power the trailer brakes and lights are included with an initial purchase of all Bosski trailers. A gas can holder is bolted onto the trailer frame above the tongue. The gas can is not included. For best results, an ATV or UTV with a 500 cc engine or greater should be used. Check out our other great ATV trailers.

Aluminum ATV Trailer - Heavy duty aluminum ATV wagon
337 lbs
1,263 lbs

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • TIG welded, weather sealed bed
  • Powder coated steel frame for extra protection
  • Independent suspension with torsion bar technology
  • 800 lb tandem axle with tapered roller bearing
  • Electric brakes for quicker, even stops
  • Drain plug for emptying water build-up
  • Brake/Tail light for added visibility
  • Brake and tail light wiring
  • Gas can holder (Can not included)
  • 25" flotation tires
  • 11" ground clearance
  • Hinged lid with a gas shock and locking latches
  • Cargo rack for extra lid storage space
  • "D" ring tie-downs
  • 1 year warranty


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