H1 Series Aluminum Minivan Roof Racks

Designed with minivan owners in mind, the Vantech H1 series roof racks come in multiple sizes to fit any minivan on the market, and installation doesn't require removal of the interior headliner. Each system includes a ladder guide, stopper, and EZ Velcro ladder securing strap.

Item # Crossbar
Cross Bar Profile Capacity Color Status Price Quantity
H2098 42" - 45" Low Profile 600 lbs
H2099 56" - 60" Low Profile 600 lbs
H2108 42" - 45" High Profile 600 lbs
H2109 56" - 60" High Profile 600 lbs
Sold in pairs


Vantech's aluminum H1 roof racks add cargo carrying options to midsize vans and minivans otherwise lacking the ability to carry ladders and long cargo. These universal aluminum roof racks are lightweight, and come in both low and high profile models with multiple cross bar lengths to suit your van. Installation hardware was designed with minivan owners in mind, and uses anchors which eliminate the need to remove the headliner.

The H1 Series roof racks feature extended mounting uprights which act as side rails, keeping cargo contained on the rack. A 5" ladder stopper is included that mounts to the front cross bar and stops ladders from sliding forward under hard braking. A 5-1/2" tall ladder guide acts as an extra tie-down point. The ladder guide can be adjusted to any place on the cross bar with the easy turn adjustment knob. Rubber guard strips extend the life of the cross bars by slightly lifting cargo off of the bar's surface. An EZ Velcro strap is included with the purchase of the H1 Series minivan rack to secure a ladder in less than five seconds. All H1 Series racks are finished in your choice of black or white powder coat finish.

1" W x 2" H
300 lbs

Product Features

  • High and low profile models available
  • Reinforced 2" x 1" crossbars with accessory channels
  • Precision machine welded mounting bases and uprights
  • Two eyehook tie down points on each mounting base
  • Available in white or black powder coat finish
  • EZ Velcro strap secures a ladder weighing up to 75 lbs in under 5 seconds
  • Adjustable ladder guide provides a secure tie down point
  • Galvanized and rubber dipped 5" tall ladder stopper included
  • Rubber upright post caps prevent wind noise and water build-up
  • Included install kit with anchors allows rack to be installed with van interior intact
  • Installation requires drilling


Low Profile Instructions
High Profile Instructions

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