Apitong Hardwood Load Leveler Dunnage
  • Ideal for use as load leveler dunnage
  • High-density Apitong prevents moisture retention and shrinkage
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Resists fungus and termite damage
Item # Description Length Width Height Weight Status Price
WOOD-APITONG-2x5x96 One Piece of Apitong Hardwood - Used with 18" or 20" Wide Load Leveler Ramps 96" 5" 2" 20 lbs
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WOOD-APITONG-2x6x96 One Piece of Apitong Hardwood - Used with 16" Wide Load Leveler Ramps 96" 6" 2" 20 lbs
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Superior Shipping Dunnage

Upgrade from traditional oak dunnage to durable, long-lasting Apitong Hardwood Dunnage Lumber. A higher-density alternative to traditional oak dunnage, Apitong wood, also known as Keruing wood, is a premium-grade wood that offers incredible strength and durability for everyday use, which in turn leads to a longer lifespan so you spend less time and money replacing weak dunnage. Apitong lumber is 20% harder than red oak lumber, has a very low moisture content and resists fungi and termite damage, making it one of the strongest and most long-lasting types of lumber on the market. Upgrade and experience the superior quality and longevity of Apitong Hardwood Dunnage today!

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