If you're a more aggressive ATV rider who worries about keeping extra gear and supplies safe and dry, this ATV cargo box will do the job! With 3 cubic ft of storage space plus extra room in the lid, the high density, reinforced cargo box protects your items from the elements. The box's lid is watertight and locks to protect stored items. All the hardaware needed for installation is included.

  • Lockable, water tight lid
  • Steel reinforced, thermal resin hinges
  • Three cubic ft of torage and extra storage available inside the lid
  • Includes parts for mounting

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2 Year Warranty
ATV Cargo Box
34 1/2"
13 3/4"


Add some cargo storage on the rear rack of your ATV or quad with an ATV cargo box by Tamarack! This style of cargo box allows for more space behind the rider for aggressive riding. The storage box includes a 2 year manufacturer's warranty!


ATV cargo boxes are great for the more aggressive rider who needs plenty of room yet still wants to carry extra gear. The cargo box has three cubic feet of storage room with extra storage in the lid! The ATV box is constructed of high density polyethylene and has steel reinforced, thermal resin hinges to protect from the elements. The lid on the quad cargo box is watertight and lockable to protect stored items. Included with each cargo box is a two year manufacturer's warranty and all parts needed for mounting!

Product Features

  • High density polyethylene construction
  • Lockable lid
  • Water tight
  • Steel reinforced, thermal resin hinges
  • Extra storage available inside the lid
  • Includes parts for mounting
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

NOTE: This product may not fit on some Bombardier racks.


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