Hoist-A-Quad ATV Hoist
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Garage hoist system to lift ATVs and quads. Makes maintenance and service easy, and creates extra space in a garage. Supports up to 400lbs of weight and requires only one person to operate.


Save space in a garage and make maintenance easier with the Hoist-A-Quad ATV Lift. This electric ATV hoist system fits any ATV or Quad weighing less than 400lbs. Great for lifting quads out of the way for storage, the Hoist-A-Quad also makes servicing the ATV easier by lifting it to any desired height. Loading a quad into a pickup bed is easier with the quad hoist too and can be done with only one person; just lower the ATV into the truck with the drop cable control and unhook the Hoist-A-Quad frame. Installation is simple and all the necessary mounting hardware is included with the ATV hoist, including (2) eye lag mounting screws, (2) hook pulleys, a strong, steel Hoist-A-Quad frame, and a 110v straight load winch with mounting hardware and safety stop. The steel Hoist-A-Quad frame features an adjustable slide and eye bolt to balance the vehicle on the hoist. A 6 foot drop cable control connects to the ATV hoist for easy one person operation with the touch of a button! Please note that the minimum garage ceiling height for the Hoist-A-Quad is 7', and the maximum is 24'.

Hoist-a-Quad ATV/Quad Lift - Electric ceiling hoist system to lift an ATV for storage or service
400 lbs

Product Features

  • Fits any ATV or Quad under 400lbs
  • Makes service and maintenance easier
  • Creates extra space in a garage
  • Load and unload ATVs into truck beds easily with one person
  • One touch button operation
  • Strong steel frame
  • Frame features balance adjusting slide and eye bolt
  • Simple installation
  • Installation hardware included
  • Minimum ceiling height of 7' required - maximum height of 25'

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