ATV Truck Rack

The Ultimate Rack ATV truck rack system is the ultimate loader and carrier for two ATV's being loaded onto one truck, no trailer required!

Item # Description Manufacturer Part # Status Price Quantity
UR6-R Ultimate Rack for 6.5' Short beds with 10' folding ramps.
*Will NOT fit beds shorter than 6.5' or any Midsize/Compact trucks*
2005 Ford F-150 trucks will require a 1" spacer to raise rack (Not included)
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UR8-R Ultimate Rack for 8' Long beds with 10' folding ramps.
*Will NOT fit any Midsize/Compact trucks*
2005 Ford F-150 trucks will require a 1" spacer to raise rack (Not included)
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UTVR-R Ultimate Rack specifically designed for use with UTVs
*Will NOT fit any Midsize/Compact trucks*
Includes: 3,000 lb wireless winch and (2) wheel bonnets
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UR-Winch-Buddy Electric winch for ATV loading assistance.
For UR6 & UR8 models
Includes: (2) 3000-lb wireless electric winches, (2) wireless remotes, 18' long power harness, (2) winch brackets, (2) pulley blocks, (2) two soft straps, and all mounting hardware.
UR-Winch Buddy
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The Ultimate Rack ATV truck rack system is the ultimate loader and carrier for two ATV's being loaded onto one truck, no trailer required!


The Ultimate Rack ATV truck rack system is the answer to all your problems with hauling your ATVs on your short or long bed pick-up. Its "above the bed rail" design allows you to load two machines and still have almost your entire truck bed available for storing your gear. The ATV truck rack attaches securely to the inside panels of your truck bed and is easily removable in minutes. The unit includes 10 foot long folding ramps to minimize the loading angle and when in use they attach right to the rack so they will not fall when loading. The tire pans on this ATV truck rack are made of diamond plate aluminum so they will always look great and not rust. The Ultimate Racks full weight rests on the floor of your truck bed, not the rails. This unit has been precisely engineered for lasting strength and stability.

Ultimate Rack ATV Truck Rack Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What are the racks made of?
A: Ultimate Racks are fabricated out of 2-inch tubular steel. The stationary joints are welded. Joints requiring assembly are connected with 1/2-inch, grade-5 bolts and ny-lock nuts. The tire pans are 1/8-inch diamond-plated aluminum. Ramps are constructed of 1x3-inch tubular steel, with rungs of 1x1x1/8-inch angle iron.

Q: How much does an Ultimate Rack weigh?
A: A fully assembled, short bed rack, without ramps, weighs 261 lbs The long bed model weighs 268 lbs

Q: How long does assembly take?
A: It will take about 30 to 40 minutes to put your rack together. All necessary hardware is provided to you. The rack is assembled using ten 1/2-inch diameter grade-5 nuts and bolts, and four 1/4-inch diameter grade-5 nuts and bolts.

Q: Are any modifications to my truck required?
A: Not Necessarily. But in order to secure your new Ultimate Rack into the bed of your truck, you will need to attach four D-ring and swivel-bracketed plates in the corners of the inside of the truck bed. They are provided in your hardware package and we highly recommend their use. Not all trucks provide the appropriate tie downs for safe and proper installation of the Ultimate Rack. This step takes approximately 30 minutes, and is a one-time procedure. Complete instructions are shipped with the rack.

Q: How do I install my rack into my pickup truck?
A: With the assembled rack standing on end, pick it up by the rear end and, using the tailgate as a fulcrum, slide the rack into the truck bed. (This can easily be done by one person.) Using the four turnbuckles provided, secure the Ultimate Rack to the truck bed.

Q: Can one person install or uninstall an Ultimate Rack alone?
A: Yes. The rack is easily installed by one person. However, it is a good idea to have someone with you in case you need assistance.

Q: Can I install an Ultimate Rack if my truck has a plastic bed liner?
A: Yes. However, minor modifications are needed in order to expose the D-ring and swivel brackets. This can be accomplished by using a 2-inch hole saw or a small handsaw.

Q: What is the angle of the ramps when attached to the rack?
A: The degree of angle varies with the height of your truck bed. If the top of your truck bed is at five feet, the angle of the extended ramps will be 30.67 degrees.

Q: How do I load my ATV's on the rack?
A: Try to minimize the ramp angle whenever possible. Position your truck so that the rear end is lower than the front. A driveway approach or similar depression works well. With the ramps pinned in place, simply drive your ATV up the ramps onto the rack. Be sure to secure it with a tie-down strap, front and back. ALWAYS wear a helmet when loading or unloading your ATV.

Q: How do I unload my ATV?
A: Follow the loading procedure in reverse.

Q: Where are the ramps stored when not in use?
A: The 10-ft.-long ramps, when folded, store conveniently on the rack platform under the loaded ATVs, leaving the bed of your truck open for storage.

Q: How do I secure my loaded ATVs to the rack?
A: There are four 3/8-inch steel loops, two on the front and two on the rear of the rack. Use tie-down straps to secure the ATVs to these loops. We suggest using extra tie-downs on each ATV, just in case one breaks.

Q: How does a fully-loaded rack affect the way my truck handles?
A: Your truck will handle as if you were carrying a small camper. The weight of the ATV's is transferred through the frame of the rack to the bed of the truck. No part of the Ultimate Rack touches or rests on the bed rails. This allows a more stable ride than you would get with a side-loading carrier, as most side-loading racks rest on and/or attach to the bed rails. The ride and handling will vary depending on the size of your truck. Handling a truck with a loaded rack on it is easier than pulling an ATV trailer; especially on an uphill or downhill grade.

Q: Can I carry just one ATV?
A: Yes! You won't even know it's there!

Q: What size ATVs can the rack carry?
A: Two ATV's of any currently built make or model will fit on the rack side by side. However, it is not designed to carry three-wheeled ATV's.

Q: Do you make a model to fit small or mid-size trucks?
A: Not yet. They are currently under design.

Q: Can I have a "custom" rack built?
A: No. This rack system has been heavily researched and engineered. Any alterations could compromise the integrity of the rack.

Q: After ordering, how soon will I receive my rack?
A: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We will send an e-mail confirmation to you on the date your rack is shipped. You will then be able to track it by the shipper's PRO number. If you would like your rack delivered to your home or office, there will be an additional cost of $85.00 for residential delivery. To order please call our customer service department toll free at 1-888-651-3431 from 8:00am to 5:30pm Central time Monday thru Friday.


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