Baxley LA Trailer Chock Motorcycle Wheel Chock
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This premium motorcycle trailer chock is easy to use and adjusts to fit virtually any size motorcycle tire on the market. Its smaller base provides more room than the LA Chock, making it great for use in enclosed trailers or other compact areas.

The LA Trailer Chock by Baxley is an innovative and easy to use motorcycle trailer chock. This wheel chock adjusts to fit nearly any motorcycle tire, providing secure upright storage for your bike. The shoe angle and depth can be easily adjusted by moving an adjustment pin to a different position, and the width can be adjusted by using 7/16" and 1/2" wrenches to reposition the two rod ends. To use the chock, simply ride or push your bike into the stand, and it securely clamps onto your bike's front tire. Rubber feet keep the chock from sliding. The LA Trailer Chock has a compact base that makes it convenient to mount in enclosed trailers or other small areas. This trailer chock will only push a motorcycle back about 2-1/2" from the front of the trailer wall. (The standard LA Chock can push it back as much as 10".) Securing your bike is easy, only requiring you to tie down the back of the motorcycle - no front tie-downs are necessary. The Baxley wheel chock has a heavy duty steel construction with a durable black crinkle finish, and easily folds down for storage.

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