Bed Pet Stairs

Do you ever find your pet waiting patiently for you at the foot of the bed at bedtime because he needs to be lifted? Now your dog or cat can help himself from the floor to the furniture with bed pet stairs. Less jumping is easier on your dog's body, and the pet steps are carpeted to make for a soft approach. And the same set of stairs works for the bed or the sofa, even if they're different heights, by simply laying them on either the long or short side.

  • Available in two sizes: two steps at 16" - 24" high or three steps at 24" - 36" high
  • Lightweight and portable - 16 lbs or 25 lbs
  • Attractive design with neutral colors blends with most decor
  • Five wood stain shades to choose from
USA 1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Height Weight Color Status Price Quantity
DS2 16" 24" 16 lbs
DS3 24" 36" 25 lbs
Please allow 4-8 weeks lead time per order


These wood pet stairs allow your dog or pet to access your furniture or bed. The carpeted wood pet dog steps adjust for high or low furniture.


Wood bed pet stairs grant access to your furniture throughout your home for your dog or pet. Adjust these stairs to be used on your bed or couch by laying it on either side to adjust the height up from 16" up to 24"! The wooden pet stairs are available in many stains and all include a clear coat over the urethane finish for a great long-lasting look. The DS2 measures 24" long x 12" wide x 16" high and weighs 16 lbs, while the larger DS3 measures 36" long x 12" wide x 24" high and weighs 25 lbs. Each wood pet dog steps comes with plush carpet that is easy on your pet's feet. Make it easier for your dog or pet to get onto your furniture with the bed pet stairs.
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Wooden Pet Staircase
50 lbs

Product Features

  • Lightweight wood pet stairs: DS2 - 16 lbs | DS3 - 25 lbs
  • Gives access to indoor furniture
  • DS2 features a height up of 16" or 24"
  • DS3 features a height up of 24" or 36"
  • Attractive design with neutral colors blends in almost anywhere
  • Many stains to choose from - Clear Coat and White Wash extra
  • Number of Steps:
    DS2: 2 steps
    DS3: 3 steps
  • Made in the USA
  • One year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Designed for pet use only

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