What Are The Best Motorcycle Ramps?

You have a motorcycle. You have a pickup. What are the best motorcycle ramps to use for loading your motorcycle onto your pickup? With so many choices how do you decide with ramp is best for you? The Bikers Foundation’s website suggests Discount Ramps as the place to start. When deciding which ramps are best for you, there are a few things to figure out first. Are you loading by yourself or with the help of a friend? Do you want to guide the bike while standing on the ground or drive the bike up the ramp? How do you want to store the ramps? These are important considerations when picking out a ramp. The most popular types of ramps are as follow:

Extra Wide Motorcycle Ramps

The Extra Wide Motorcycle Ramps allow you to drive right up onto the bed of your truck. The extra width allows you to put your feet down to help guide the bike up or down the ramp. They usually fold in half so you can store it in the pickup bed and take the ramp with you.

Single Runner

These ramps are designed for loading motorcycles while standing firmly on the ground. If your bike is heavy consider having a friend help. These ramps come in folding and non-folding designs and are typically the most cost efficient.

Powered Ramps

These ramps are fully powered by the vehicle’s battery and completely load the bike up into the bed of the truck. They are the most expensive of the ramp types.

Thanks for reading! Jay Tamez – Discount Ramps LLC