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Choosing the Best Bike Rack for your Vehicle: Hatchback/Trunk Bike Racks

If you’re only planning on transporting one to three bikes, a hatchback or trunk bike rack is a practical and economical choice! Designed to easily fasten to the rear deck of your vehicle, this type of rack uses straps and support arms to keep your bikes secure during transport. Rubber coated hooks or foam pads protect your car’s paint from getting scratched, however you still need to exercise caution during installation and mounting.

Why is a Trunk Mounted Bike Rack so Much Cheaper?

This is a common question many savvy shoppers wonder. Don’t let the affordable price deter you! Trunk mounted bike racks are the most basic type of carrier, which contributes to their lower price point. While there are a few drawbacks to trunk mounted carriers, they do offer a sturdy, reliable way to transport multiple bikes on the back of a smaller vehicle which could not accommodate a larger hitch-mounted bike rack.

Pros and Cons of the Trunk Mounted Bike Rack:

Affordable and easy to store, trunk mounted bike racks are an excellent choice for short trips or small cars. The Discount Ramps team has the pros and cons of this rack style:

  • Versatile to fit most vehicles
  • Easy to lift and secure bikes into the carrier
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy and compact storage
  • Excellent for short trips or occasional use
  • Multiple rack-to-vehicle points of contact, which could cause damage if not installed properly
  • May not fit on vehicles with tall spoilers
  • Limits trunk access
  • Maintenance required on long trips – it’s highly recommended that you stop occasionally and check to ensure the straps are still tight

A Practical and Affordable Bike Carrier, the Apex Scout Trunk Bike Rack

Apex trunk bike rack

Discount Ramps offers a wide selection of high-quality and affordable trunk mounted bike racks. Our product experts recommend the Apex Scout Trunk Bike Rack (Item number BC-71031-3), which can hold up to three bikes and doesn’t require any tools for installation! Featuring rubber-coated cradles with built-in Velcro straps and foam padding, your vehicle’s exterior will be protected from accidental scratching. Shop our wide selection of available trunk mounted bike racks online today, only from Discount Ramps.