Aluminum Multi-Use Bi-Folding ATV Ramp - 6'10" Long
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The Aluminum Multi-Use Bi-Folding ATV Ramp makes it easy to load ATVs, snow blowers, generators, and other small equipment into your pickup truck or trailer, and can be stored under your ATV or alongside your equipment during transport. It features a massive weight capacity that exceeds even our best-selling bi-fold aluminum ramp, provides a smooth transition during loading, and keeps its traction even in the worst weather!

  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Heavy-duty 1,500-lb weight capacity
  • Bi-fold design for compact storage
  • Weighs only 42 lbs
  • Two safety straps included

Load a four-wheeler or equipment into your pickup truck or trailer quickly, safely, and easily with this heavy-duty bi-fold ramp. The lightweight aluminum design makes it easy to maneuver and set up quickly, the 1,500-lb weight capacity withstands even the heaviest loads, and serrated rungs provide maximum grip when riding up the ramp in any weather. When not in use, the ATV ramp folds in half for compact storage just about anywhere, including beneath your ATV during transport! Two safety straps are included for securing the ramp to your pickup truck or trailer, and must be used to ensure safe loading.

42 lbs
1500 lbs

Product Features

  • Quality aluminum bi-fold construction
  • Rung spacing: 4.25"
  • Folds exactly in half to fit in between your ATV tires
  • Heavy duty steel hinges makes setting up the ramp fast & easy
  • Full-width lip rests on pick-up truck tailgate
  • Included safety straps
  • 1 year warranty


Instruction Manual


How to Choose the Correct ATV Ramp

Review Summary (Based on 10 Reviews)


5 Stars Great gadget

Marilyn from VA wrote (July 26, 2015):

We bought a lawnmower and the man borrowed his neighbor's ramp so we could load it. We had never seen one of these. Great ramp for loading a pickup truck. We ordered one right away. We are very pleased with it!

4 Stars The Perfect Ramp

Mark from CA wrote (July 04, 2015):

This ramp is perfect! It's wide, long, durable and very light weight. I needed a ramp to take my motorcycle to track days at Laguna Seca. I'm a short guy and have never felt comfortable using the single or even the "wide" loading ramps you'd get from other moto shops. This ramp also does not have large spaces between the supports which makes it much safer to walk my bike but without fear of stepping through like I did on a different ramp from HF. This ramp is going to get a ton of use. Not only from track days but all the possibilities are endless to what I can use it for. I got this during a sale, but that was just the cherry on top. The only reason for rating it a 4 and not a 5 is because I feel the manufacturer could have welded/soldered the supports on both sides. Still a very durable strong ramp though.

5 Stars Better than advertised!

Ralph from ME wrote (July 03, 2015):

This ramp far surpassed any other type of ramp for my needs. Made of good material and just wicked sturdy!

5 Stars Great ramp

Taylor from ID wrote (June 05, 2015):

I got this ramp for my dirt bike and love it! It is light but sturdy. The bars aren't to far apart either for a bike works great.

5 Stars WOW, Just what the Dr. Ordered!! (And my back)

Keith Norwick from IN wrote (May 30, 2015):

Having these ramps from has made life soooo much easier for my work. Loading and unloading a portable gas powered cable trencher in my van has really gotten troublesome. Now I can simply unfold the ramps, wheel down the trencher, and its all good! I highly recommend these ramps to ANYONE who is looking to load and unload heavy pieces of equipment. There very light, versatile and for the price, you just cant beat em!! Thanks!! Will recommend to others!!

5 Stars Great Product!

Terri from IN wrote (May 27, 2015):

Having a solid ramp like this has really made a difference. Previously trying to load our lawn mower in our mini-barn was impossible when we tried to use two separate ramps. So easy to use!

5 Stars Just What I Wanted

P. Mitchell from WI wrote (May 26, 2015):

I needed an aluminum ramp that was strong enough to handle my riding mower, yet light enough to pick up and store in my new shed. This folding aluminum ramp was perfect for the job. My wife can handle the ramp as well. Great product! Thank you.

5 Stars ramps.

Joe from NE wrote (May 20, 2015):

Had my ramps for about a week now. Love them. I would recommended them to anyone.

5 Stars Easy and Light

Mary from ME wrote (March 09, 2015):

I'm a 5'5" woman and I have used this ramp for getting snowblowers into trucks, wagons of wood into the house, and various other around-the-homestead uses. I find it lightweight, easy to maneuver, and simple to keep in place. It has made all these tasks so much easier!

5 Stars Great set or ramps!

Jody from LA wrote (February 24, 2015):

I like everything about these ramps. I have a 3/4 ton 4x4 with a 3" lift and 33" tires. The angle of these ramps compared to my old ones(72") are perfect when I have then on my tailgate. I like the solid tailgate lip vs the "fingers", the lip gives the ramps more durability and the 82" length allows to load my Z turn mower on my trailer without rubbing the deck. I cannot think of anything bad about these ramps, price is reasonable and quality seems to be durable as the ramp does not sag when loading my ATV or mower. It has been past due for new ramps to load my ATV & Z turn mower. My old ramps were at least 15 years old with pieces missing. The old ones were missing traction bars as well as 1 "finger" so it was finally time to get a new set. No regrets with this purchase, if you have a truck that is higher than stock, these ramps are the perfect fit!