Big Boy I Aluminum Folding Single Runner Ramp - 8' to 12' Long

Load dirt bikes, sport bikes, Harleys, cruisers, touring motorcycles and more with the Big Boy I Single Runner Ramp! This aircraft grade aluminum runner ramp features an extra wide 19" width and comes in four different lengths - 96", 108", 120" & 144". Hinged design folds in half and 12° offset allows ground clearance to prevent bottoming out.

Item # Length Folded
Weight Overall
Availability Price Quantity
MF1-9619 96" (8') 48-1/2" 36 lbs 1,500 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.
MF1-10819 108" (9') 54-1/2" 40 lbs 1,500 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.
MF1-12019 120" (10') 60-1/2" 43 lbs 1,250 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.
MF1-14419 144" (12') 72-1/2" 54 lbs 1,000 lbs
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New from the best-selling Big Boy family, the versatile Big Boy I starts you at square one providing you with a heavy duty single runner ramp ideal for all dirt bike and motorcycle makes and models on the market! Aircraft grade aluminum construction with serrated cross bars provides maximum traction, performance and portability with its lightweight yet rugged build. Heavy duty hinged design features a 12° offset allowing great ground clearance that prevents bottoming out during loading and folds into itself for quick storage and easy transport. Extruded tapered foot has serrated traction for a smooth loading approach at almost any angle. 3¾" attached lip rests directly onto the loading surface for stability.

The Big Boy I Single Runner Ramp includes an adjustable cam buckle strap that secures the ramp to the vehicle/trailer preventing the ramp from "kicking out". Available in four different lengths (96", 108", 120", and 144"), this aluminum runner ramp has an extra wide 19" width! It is recommended to load a motorcycle with at least two people when using single runner motorcycle ramps. Load various style motorcycles into stock or lifted 4x4 trucks, trailers, 2 wheel drive trucks, box trucks or even loading docks with the Big Boy I Single Runner Ramp.
The Big Boy I is made in the USA and has a five year manufacturer's warranty against any defects.

Purchase another Big Boy I Single Runner Ramp for loading ATVs, UTVs, yard equipment and all the other toys in the garage!
The Big Boy I comes with both a C-Beam Bracket and Spring Clip Pin. This hardware is required ONLY if you purchase another Big Boy ramp in the future to create a solid 2-piece ramp system like the Big Boy II or a 3-piece ramp system like the Big Boy III. Maximize the versatility of the Big Boy I motorcycle runner ramp transforming it into an ATV, UTV, golf cart, garden tractor, go kart and trike loading machine!

Single runner ramp for all makes and models of dirt bikes and motorcycles

Product Features

  • Extra wide 19" single runner ramp
  • Ideal for dirt bikes all the way up to fully dressed motorcycles
  • Lightweight, aircraft grade, aluminum construction
  • 3¾" Hook/Plate ramp end supports ramp to loading surface
  • Serrated cross rungs (3-5" spacing) offer excellent traction
  • Bottom tapered foot with extruded traction surface for smooth loading approach
  • Heavy duty hinged design folds ramp in half for compact storage
  • 12° offset hinge provides additional ground clearance
  • Adjustable cam buckle strap included to secure ramp to truck/trailer
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA PAT NO. D595920
  • Manufactured by certified AWS welders
  • Includes Spring Clip Pin and C-Beam Bracket required to connect another Big Boy ramp for additional width and versatility
  • Check out our Big Boy II & Big Boy III Ramp Systems!


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