Black Ice Adjustable Snowmobile Backrest

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Adjustable Backrest for Extra Support on Long Rides

An affordable alternative to other available backrests, the Black Ice Adjustable Snowmobile Backrest is designed for early Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Ski-Doo models with tunnels that are 16 to 16-1/2" wide and tracks that are 15 to 15-1/4" wide. Typically these measurements fit early snowmobile styles from the 1970s through early 2000s. Easy to operate, it features a smooth black enamel finish, this backrest will look great on your snowmobile. It's perfect for passengers, offering comfortable support and hand grips. The deluxe vinyl pads keep your back from aching after a long ride, and the slide system is easy to adjust! The backrest can slide on the track forward or back to perfectly adjust the position for your comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable backrest for early model Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Ski-Doo Snowmobiles
  • Fits 16 to 16-1/2" wide tunnels and 15 to 15-1/4" wide tracks
  • Deluxe vinyl pad and slide system makes it easy to adjust
  • Provides back support and hand grips for the passenger
  • Sleek black enamel finish
  • No tools required for quick removal
  • Backrest is 12" high

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