Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramps - 1,500 lb Capacity
Black Ice snowmobile ramps

Make loading your snowmobile directly into your truck bed easier than ever with the Black Ice Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramps. These systems feature two outer ramp panels with extra-wide polyurethane ski guides for low-resistance loading and a center ramp panel with exposed rungs that offers excellent traction for the sled's track, and are available with or without a center rung extension for added grip. The snowmobile ramps are made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum, and compactly fold up for easy storage.

  • Lightweight rust-resistant aluminum
  • Folds up for easy storage and portability
  • Outer ramp panels feature ski guides for low-resistance loading with any type of carbide
  • Inner rungs grip snowmobile track for easy loading
  • 1,500-lb weight capacity
  • Includes 4" rubber-coated fingers to grip tailgate and two cam buckle straps to secure ramp
  • Longer length for easy loading into truck beds - also available for trailers
1 Year Warranty
Item # Weight Design Status Price Quantity
SNO-9454-HDXW 75 lbs without extension
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.
SNO-9454-HDXW-EXT 83 lbs with extension
Out of Stock

The Black Ice Snowmobile Ramps make it easy to load a snowmobile into your truck bed without assistance so you can spend less time loading and more time on the trails! The rust-resistant aluminum ramps are lightweight for easy set-up and can be folded up for compact storage. The polyethylene ski guides on each side accommodate any ski on the market and allow you to safely ride your snowmobile straight up the ramps without resistance. These snowmobile ramps for pickup trucks are secured with two included cam buckle straps and rest on the tailgate of your truck with six rubber-coated fingers.

For loading on pavement, ice, studded tracks, or onto high pickup trucks, a version with a center rung extension helps prevent your track from spinning while your skis are on the runner guides. The extension can be hooked onto different rungs of the snowmobile ramp to accommodate different lengths.

The Black Ice Snowmobile Ramps have a 1,500-lb weight limit and come with a one year warranty.

1,500 lbs

Review Summary (Based on 12 Reviews)


5 Stars Black Ice Tri-fold ramps, Perfec!

Ron from NY wrote (January 14, 2015):

After owning an enclosed snowmobile trailer years ago, I returned to the sport but did not want the overhead of another trailer. I decided to research loading ramps to transport my sled on the back of my truck, a full sized Nissan Titan 4x4. The truck sits quite high so I knew length would be a required factor. After reading reviews and watching you tube demonstrations, I knew I needed the Black Ice 7ft. 10inch ramps. My next search involved locating a distributor for these ramps which brought me to "" Their price was the most competitive and I was sold. I ordered them Just after Christmas so I expected a waiting period. To my surprise I had a confirmation email within an hour that my order had been fulfilled and my ramps were on their way! I have NEVER had such fast service online, ever! Sure enough, within just a couple days my ramps were delivered. I spent part of a day getting used to my Black Ice ramps and here's what I found. I like how easily the ramps can be handled. There are two straps that attach to the hitch safety chain holes. A quick tug and they are secure. I ran my Tundra Free Style up to the lip of the ramps and verified good alignment with the runner slides on the ramps. I backed the sled back up and attempted to load the sled onto the truck. The first couple attempts I found I didn't allow enough length or speed for my approach. I backed up a third time and adjusted my approach distance and speed accordingly and the sled climbed the ramps effortlessly and successfully. I backed off the truck, down the ramps easily, then practiced loading one more time. This time once the sled was loaded, I got off the truck and removed the ramps. I folded the ramps up and found I could use the securing straps to wrap around the folded ramps to keep them tightly folded. I loaded them on edge next to the snowsled and secured them to my hold-down loops on the side of my truck bed. I next reversed my procedure to offload my sled. I slid the ramps off from the truck bed, loosened the securing straps and opened the tri-fold ramps. It might have been a little easier with help from another person to place the unfolded ramps back on the tailgate as my sled uses the whole length of the truck bed and tail gate so I was unable to rest the ramp end on the tail gate to unfold into position. It wasn't any big hastle though as the ramps are reasonably light weight. I secured the straps in seconds, walked up the center of the ramps, climbed aboard my sled and descended from my truck. The ramps were very strong and secure. I'm ready to take my show on the road! While I am on the trails I plan to secure the ramps in the truck bed with a short chain and padlock to the tie-down loops. In the summer I plan to remove the ski glides from the Black Ice ramps and use them to drive my garden tractor in and out of my storage shed which is raised. I am VERY satisfied with my Black Ice ramps and the buying experience I've had with

5 Stars 94" with the narrow guides

Craig from WA wrote (January 14, 2015):

I love my ramp. It's very light and folds up small enough to fit in the bed under the sled, between the track and skis. When using the skis follow the guides perfectly and the track doesn't slip at all. Safe and effective way to load and unload with one person

5 Stars snowmobile ramp review

Karl from MI wrote (January 14, 2015):

great quality, added 1/4" plywood to center ramp section so studs would not tear up aluminum ramp, worked perfectly, still folds up, makes transporting snowmobile quicker and less trouble than trailering

5 Stars Black ice 94 in snowmobile ramp

Dave S from NH wrote (January 10, 2015):

I bought this ramp because of a few reasons the quality is all there my friend has one and loves it I just got my 3rd sled and needed something to load sled into back of truck Thanks

5 Stars Black ice 94 in snowmobile ramp

Dave S from NH wrote (January 10, 2015):

I bought this ramp because of a few reasons the quality is all there my friend has one and loves it I just got my 3rd sled and needed something to load sled into back of truck Thanks

5 Stars Black ice snowmobile ramp

Dave from manitoba from ND wrote (December 04, 2014):

was looking for a sturdy ramp to get the IQ800 into our pick-up. This one fits the bill perfectly very light to move around.The shipping was very quick ordered black friday here the following tuesday. Thanks

5 Stars 94" snowmobile ramp

John from ME wrote (December 02, 2014):

Excellent product. Long length makes loading a full sized Skidoo Skandic SWT easy.

5 Stars 94 inch ramp

Junior from ME wrote (December 01, 2014):

I bought this ramp because of its length . last year I searched every where for a ramp long enough to feel comfortable loading my skidoo . Nowhere in Canada could I find one longer than 84 inches . This ramp loads my skidoo like I'm going up a small incline instead of a steep hill . I feel a lot safer with this ramp than any other I have tried . I was so tired of short ramps that I made one out of 2x3 lumber 96 inches long . It did me for 2 years but I was starting to feel uncomfortable because it was wood and every time I used it I was afraid it would break . Thanks to a friend he told me where to find a ramp that was light and made for loading a big skidoo . This ramp is undoubtably the best I ever had .


M. Lewis from NY wrote (November 27, 2014):

Very nice, easy to use and it works great for our snowmobile shed!!! Received very quickly from Discount Ramps! Would highly recommend this product for anyone who needs to put a snowmobile on any raised area. ex.) sheds, trailers, small trucks, ect.

5 Stars SNO-9454-HDXW Review

Harold from MT wrote (November 22, 2014):

I have a tall 1 ton pickup, and needed a longer ramp. I've seen lots of accidents in the parking lot due to people using home made ramps. I see ramps slipping, falling off vehicle, breaking, and causing damage to sleds and people. This ramp is built sturdy, and the wide guides will allow ski's to go up ramp without hanging up. This ramp is long enough that the load angle won't cause problems. I can now haul another sled so the fuel cost can be spit with one more person, and this ramp is a heck of a lot cheaper than investing in a bigger trailer that I already have. This ramp should last as long as I'm into sledding. Very pleased with product.

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