Black Widow Steel Folding Motorcycle Carrier - 500 lb Capacity
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Conveniently carry your motorcycle or dirt bike on your vehicle's trailer hitch with the 500-lb capacity Black Widow Steel Folding Dirt Bike Carrier, exclusive to The carrier folds up against the rear of your vehicle when not in use to give you the space needed to park in garages or other tight spaces without the hassle of repeated removal and installation.

  • Safely transports motorcycles and dirt bikes
  • Folds up for storage when not in use
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Includes 45-1/2" long loading ramp and hitch pin
  • Ramp installs on each side of carrier for easy loading and unloading
  • 500-lb capacity
  • Installs on Class III and IV 2" trailer hitches
  • Usable rack size: 5" W x 75-3/4" L
  • Ramp size: 5" W x 45-1/2" L

The exclusive Black Widow Steel Folding Dirt Bike Carrier is an easy-to-use, tough, affordable, and versatile alternative to pulling a trailer. Manufactured from heavy-duty steel that can support up to 500 lbs, the hitch-mount dirt bike carrier is designed to haul any motocross or off-road dirt bike with up to 7" wide tires. Installation is easy with the included hardware, and folding is as simple as removing the pin, folding the carrier, and re-inserting the pin.

This dirt bike hitch carrier includes a handy folding hitch adapter, loading ramp, and anti-tilt locking device. The innovative folding hitch adapter allows you to fold the carrier up against your vehicle when not in use to save space in confined parking areas without repeated removal and installation, and the included loading ramp conveniently attaches to either side of the carrier for painless loading and unloading and stores on the carrier to save space during transportation. The anti-tilt locking device keeps the carrier steady when in use.

Please note:

  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers and camping trailers
  • NOT recommended for use with hitch adapters / extensions
2" x 2"
500 lbs
62 lbs

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Carrier Carrying Capacity: The MCC-500-F carrier is designed to safely carry 500 lbs
  • Never exceed the maximum tongue weight rating of your trailer hitch (check the weight sticker on the trailer hitch)
  • Total hauling weight is calculated by adding the total weight of the motorcycle + 99 lbs (MCC-500-F weight)
  • Hitch Weight Limit: Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs - Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1,000 lbs
  • Some vehicles may require air shocks or heavier springs to stiffen up the suspension to prevent sagging
  • Please check with the dealer or manufacturer to determine the carrying / hauling capacity of your vehicle
  • Will not work with 1-1/4" Class II or smaller receivers


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Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)


3 Stars Good and Bad

Carlos from SC wrote (April 11, 2016):

Good: Well it's sturdy and so it's going to be able to carry 500lbs without a "hitch" for sure. The price is good and for an item like this that's kind of hard to find, is good news for anybody who landed on this site. Customer support is good. Bad Not a one person Job to assemble and put in. Took 2 hours to figure out parts and getting all done, but I'm not as mechanically minded, although I've assembled a lot of furniture in my day. Still took a while. But now that it's done I've noticed two things. One the ramp is short. That means have to push pretty hard to get it up hill. Certainly better then lifting it, but could be much better if ramp was longer. If I had a do over that's what I'd look for. The other thing is that the ramp has gaps it in. For me, they are just big enough to get tire stuck in as I'm pushing my bike up. That means I've got to push harder to get enough force to get it out of the rut and to the top. Should be longer and a flat ramp. Could be made light weight by using a screen mess metal plate. YMMV

5 Stars Perfect for my dirt bike

Jason from CA wrote (November 29, 2015):

Super easy to assemble and put on your car hitch. The ramp makes loading up my bike a breeze. Highly recommended!

5 Stars Awesome Experience

Gage from IN wrote (April 10, 2015):

I was looking at the Black Widow Trailer and thought it looked like an awesome alternative to either hauling a trailer or getting a ramp and running my Yamaha YZ250F up a ramp into the back of my truck and I was about to order it then saw this one that added the ability to fold and lock the empty trailer in the upright position... So I ordered it. The Trailer and Hitch kit came in 2 boxes and they got to my door in about 3 days. Very impressed except the big box was a little beat up. Then when I started unpacking the parts I noticed the bigger issue, I was missing parts from the box being damaged in shipping. So I called Discount Ramps and they took their time and went through the parts list item by item and wrote down what I was missing. She got the parts shipped out that day and I got them in 2 days. Free Shipping.. I unpacked it and had it assembled in about 10 minutes with 2 pairs of channel locks. I had my bike on it took it for a trip to the track. Very secure during transport. Super Easy loading and unloading.. Awesome Customer Service and Awesome Product. Thanks !!!! Gage B. Fort Wayne Indiana