Black Widow Aluminum Folding Motorcycle Ramps - 9'8" or 12' Long

The Black Widow extra long motorcycle ramp is perfect for loading motorcycles onto higher or lifted vehicles or when a longer ramp is needed to prevent bottoming out. We've made these ramps 40" wide so one person can easily load or unload his ride from any vehicle. Constructed from heavy duty powder coated aluminum in three pieces that easily bolt together with provided brackets. Each section folds in half or comes apart for easy storage.

  • Extra long loading ramps available in 10' and 12' lengths
  • 40" wide
  • Made from lightweight yet durable 'no rust' aluminum
  • Serrated rungs spaced 3" apart for best traction
  • Ramp folds in half or breaks down into 6 pieces for compact storage and transport
  • Up to 1,500 lb capacity
  • Includes 3 safety straps to secure ramp to your vehicle
  • Top section of ramp arched to prevent bottoming out
  • Recommended for one-person loading
Item # Length Weight Folded
Availability Price Quantity
BW-12040-HD 116" 110 lbs 58"
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.
BW-14440-HD 144" 124 lbs 72"
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.

Required Accessories

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BX-STRP-KIT: Ratchet & Cam Strap Kit
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MC-STRP-KIT-12: Motorcycle Tie Down Kits
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These extra long aluminum Black Widow motorcycle ramps are designed for loading motorcycles of all different makes, models, & styles. These ramps have been known to work for many motorcycle setups including some lowered motorcycles or even choppers. These Black Widow ramps are available in 10 and 12 foot lengths.


10 foot & 12 foot Black Widow Motorcycle Ramps on sale for a limited time
The new patented Black Widow aluminum arched motorcycle ramps are now available in 10 feet and 12 feet long to allow loading of motorcycles onto higher or lifted vehicles where a longer ramp is required to eliminate bottoming out of the motorcycle. These ramps are 40" wide and allow one person to load the motorcycle by simply driving the bike into the pick-up truck, trailer, toy hauler, box truck or loading dock. The extra wide width allows you to put your feet down on the ramp when loading or unloading your motorcycle.

This motorcycle ramp system includes three separate folding ramp sections that connect together with brackets and fold to half their length so they can be stored in the bed of your vehicle. The 17" wide center ramp and 12" wide side ramps bolt together to create an extra wide 40" platform. The system may be broken down into three separate ramps that fold in half and may be stacked for storage, or they can be broken down into six smaller sections for the ultra portability or storage. These extra long motorcycle ramps are designed to be used with all three ramp sections connected to allow the weight to be distributed to all three sections. Both folding ramps include (8) c-beam brackets to aid in the weight distribution making the ramps rock solid, unlike other extra long ramp systems that will flex while loading making it hard to balance the motorcycle.

These patented (#D595919), high quality Black Widow motorcycle ramps are made from lightweight aluminum and are arched at the top to allow additional ground clearance while loading. All Black Widow ramps include three cam buckle safety straps (safety straps are required for loading to prevent ramp kick out). Other key features include a full width attaching lip for maximum strength that offers full contact on the tailgate distributing the weight and a tapered ramp foot for a smooth approach. This ramp is also available in a shorter models for standard trucks and trailers

Folding aluminum arched Black Widow loading ramps
1,500 lbs
Item #Weight (each)
BW-12040-HDCenter Ramp: 54 lbs
Side Ramps: 28 lbs (each)
BW-14440Center Ramp: 60 lbs
Side Ramps: 32 lbs (each)

Product Features

  • Fold in half for storage in your truck or trailer
  • Can be broken down into 6 sections for long term storage
  • Heavy duty solid plate style attaching lip for maximum tailgate contact
  • Lightweight all aluminum design will never rust
  • Allows one person loading by riding or walking bike
  • Top of ramps are arched to eliminate bottoming out
  • Three safety straps included-keep ramp safely attached to your vehicle
  • Serrated traction rungs provide maximum traction (3" spacing)
  • Includes (8) c-beam brackets to connect sections together & distribute weight
  • Featured review in BMW Owner's News
  • Patented #D595919
  • 5 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • For motorcycles ONLY


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