20,000-lb Capacity Bluff Steel Yard Ramp, 36'L x 70"W
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Easily move the portable Bluff Steel Yard Ramp into position to keep your forklift moving and productive while loading and unloading a stemi-truck trailer or railroad car when a permanent dock isn't available. The 6' level off improves forklift maneuverability, allowing for better pallet handling. Other weight capacities, lengths, and widths are available.

  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • 36'L x 70"W - has 30' of ramp with 6' level off
  • 20,000-lb capacity
  • Easy to use double action hydraulic pump to raise and lower
  • Solid rubber 18" tires won't blow out
  • Side rails and safety chains minimize accidents
  • Custom designs available

Provide safe forklift access into a trailer, rail-car, or dock with the portable Bluff Steel Yard Ramp. The integrated double-action hydraulic pump and release valve make the yard ramp easy to raise to the appropriate height and safely lower. The loading dock ramp features durable 18" rubber tires that withstand the weight without blowing out (optional pneumatic tires are available upon request) and make positioning the ramp easy! The diamond-plated approach creates a smooth and effortless transition onto the ramp, and the rest of the ramp features serrated steel grating for maximum traction while allowing snow, dirt, and other debris to fall through and prevent build-up. Raised steel girders help keep the forklift on the ramp, and a safety chain is attached to securely hold the ramp to the trailer or dock.

Optional tow bar attaches to the front of the ramp, allowing the ramp to be safely towed with a forklift. Optional ramp clamp allows the forklift operator to maneuver the ramp using the forklift tines. Pneumatic wheel option and dock-mounted chain bracket also available.

Custom yard ramps can be ordered for special applications. Please call for details.
Length & Configuration30' Straight30' Level Off36' Straight36' Level Off
Wheel Diameter18"18"18"18"
Maximum Usable Lip Height78"67"70"70"
Percent Of Grade23%23%19.3%19.3%
Degrees Of Incline131310.910.9
Minimum Usable Lip Height40"34"42"32"
Percent Of Grade11.6%11.8%10.1%9.2%
Degrees Of Incline6.
20,000 lbs
5,327 lbs
Double Action Hydraulic Pump

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