Pulley-Style Tie Downs
Boat Strap

The 10' boat tie downs feature a pulley-style ratcheting system to secure canoes and kayaks to a roof top. A quick release knob is thumb operated for single person use. The 3/8" rope is rated at a 250 lb break strength.

  • Constructed of braided polypropylene with zinc plated steel hooks
  • Non-slip thumb operated quick release
  • Pulley design for ease of use
  • 250 lb break strength

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1 Year Warranty


Ratcheting boat pulley strap with a quick release lock. Great for securing kayaks or canoes to a vehicle roof, or to tie-down a variety of cargo and equipment for transport.


Secure kayaks and canoes to a vehicle roof in seconds with a 10' Boat Tie-Down pulley strap. Let the boat strap pulley ratchet do the work! Place one hook on the bow stern tie-down point, then place the other hook on the vehicle tie-down point and yank the excess 3/8" rope tight for a secure hold. The boat pulley strap also works like a charm for securing a wide variety of cargo and equipment. Each boat strap is built strong to handle up to 250 lb break strength with an 83 lb working load. Features a non-slip quick release lever designed to lock the rope until the latch is pressed. Made with braided polypropylene rope and zinc plated steel hook ends. A lighter duty 1/4" Rope Tie-Down version is also available. Includes a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Boat Tie-Down Strap with Ratcheting Pulley - Use as a bow/stern tie-down or for securing a variety of cargo and equipment
250 lbs
Rope: Braided Polypropylene
Hooks: Zinc Plated Steel
10 ft.
83 lbs

Product Features

  • Works great as a bow or stern tie-down strap for securing boats to a vehicle roof
  • Includes a non-slip thumb operated quick release
  • Pulley ratchet design makes it easy to secure cargo and equipment
  • Made with braided polypropylene rope and Zinc plated steel hook ends
  • Strong 250 lb. Break Strength capacity for larger items
  • Patent #7445195
  • 1/4" Version
  • 1 Year warranty


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