Tilt-A-Rack Mobility Scooter Bogie Wheel Kit
Bogie Wheel Kit

Don't have a helper available? The bogie wheel enables one-person installation, removal and movement of the Tilt-a-Rack mobility scooter carrier. The bogie wheel attaches to the hitch shank with an easy to use pin and clip system and allows the carrier be moved around in a fashion similar to a wheelbarrow.

  • Enables one person to move entire Tilt-a-Rack carrier
  • Attaches to front of carrier (hitch shank end)
  • Quick pin-and-clip installation and removal

Back ordered Estimated Date 09/18/2015
1 Year Warranty


Move around the Tilt-a-Rack Mobility Scooter Carrier with ease and by yourself with the Bogie Wheel Kit! The Bogie Wheel detaches quickly and easily.


Attach the Bogie Wheel to the front of the Tilt-a-Rack Mobility Scooter Carrier providing easy single person maneuverability. When you're ready to go, the Bogie Wheel Kit quickly detaches and includes a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Bogie Wheel Kit - Allows one person to maneuver entire Tilt-a-Rack with ease
3 lbs

Product Features

  • Enables single person to maneuver entire Tilt-a-Rack with ease
  • Attaches to the front of carrier
  • Quick and easy detachment
  • One year warranty

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