3-Channel Right Turn Yellow Jacket Cable Protector for 2.125" diameter cables

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The angled cable cover contains a 45° right-hand turn that helps alter a path when running cables. Three separate channels fit cords or hoses up to 2.125" in diameter.

  • Protects cables and hoses up to 2.125" in diameter
  • Supports up to 28,420 lbs per axle
  • Features three channels for organizing cables
  • All-weather polyurethane construction weighs 19 lbs
  • Features Dog Bone connectors

Yellow Jackets are a set of heavy duty cable protectors that are capable of withstanding the weight of vehicles with an axle rating of 28,420 lbs. The angled covers are compatible with any Yellow Jacket cable covers that contain three 2.125" channels. The "Dog Bone" connectors at both ends allow extension to any needed or desired length. A 45° turn to the right helps alter a cable path that might be obstructed by objects such as light posts. A combination of left and right cable covers are used to bypass objects when a direct path is obstructed. A series of raised, diamond-shaped treads cover the base and yellow lid to provide maximum traction in a rainy environment. The yellow lid is secured by reinforced fiberglass hinges and swivels open when cables need to be placed or removed. All angled cord covers and their Yellow Jacket counterparts are proudly made in the USA.

28,420 lbs per axle
19 lbs
Dog Bone

Product Features

  • Thick polyurethane construction
  • 45° right turn for changing cable paths
  • Three 2.125" wide cable channels
  • Raised diamond treads for maximum traction
  • Hinged .375" lid for placing cables
  • Interlocking "Dog Bone" connectors
  • Safety Symbols Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991

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