2-Channel Cross-Link Cable Protector Bridge for 5-Channel Guard Dog Cable Protectors

Add additional channels between two parallel cable ramps to create runs and keep cables, hoses and cords protected. The cable protection bridge also provides a smooth, level surface for pedestrians and vehicles up to 21,000 lbs. Available in black or orange colors.

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Use the space between multiple 5-channel Guard Dog cable protectors to add 2 more channels and create any number of runs. The cable protection bridge holds cables, cords and hoses up to 1.5" in diameter and creates a continuous level surface across multiple cable protectors for pedestrians and vehicles to cross over safely. On the surface of the cable bridge is molded safety warnings and a 5-bar tread pattern for traction. Constructed from durable polyurethane that holds up in extreme weather conditions and under heavy vehicle traffic. Available in orange or black colors. This Cross-link cable bridge is for use with the GD5X125 cable ramp only (cable ramps sold separately).

21,000 lbs
16 lbs

Product Features

  • Utilize the space between multiple parallel cable ramps
  • Provides 2 additional 1.5" cable channels
  • Creates a continuous, level surface across multiple cable protectors
  • Constructed from all-weather polyurethane
  • Safety symbols molded into the surface
  • 5-bar tread pattern for traction
  • No tools are required for setup
  • Available in orange or black colors
  • For use with Guard Dog 5-channel cable ramps only
  • Cable ramps sold separately


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