5-Channel Guardian Cable Protector for 1.375" diameter cables

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This Guardian cable ramp protects up to five hoses, wires, or cables that are up to 1.375" in outside diameter from damage caused by heavy-duty vehicle traffic. It features a hinged lid that makes cable placement a breeze and supports heavy-duty vehicles and equipment weighing up to 40,000 lbs per axle, making it great for warehouse use. The diamond tread surface provides enhanced traction for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and the cable ramp interlocks with other units using male and female T-connectors to create a modular cable management system to fit your job site requirements.

  • Protects cables with outside diameters up to 1.375"
  • Supports heavy-duty vehicles weighing up to 40,000 lbs per axle
  • Features five channels for cable organization
  • Durable polyurethane construction weighs 22 lbs
  • Male/female interlocking system with T-connectors

The industrial cable ramp protects cables, wires, and hoses so they aren't crushed or damaged by heavy-duty vehicle traffic. The cable protection ramp features five channels that are 1.625" high with widths that vary and can support vehicles weighing up to 40,000 lbs per axle. Constructed from durable polyurethane, the five-channel cable ramp includes a diamond tread surface for foot and wheel traction. This industrial cable ramp has an orange base and bright yellow lid for greater visibility. The hinged lid allows for easy placement and removal of cables and features Slip and Electrical safety symbols molded into the surface. The cable protection ramp provides an interlocking system so multiple ramps can be joined using male and female T-connectors to create a modular cable management system. This Guardian cable protector comes with a one-year warranty.

40,000 lbs per axle
22 lbs

Product Features

  • Five channels protect cables, wires, and hoses from damage
  • Constructed from durable polyurethane
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Designed for use in most weather conditions
  • Surface has a non-slip diamond tread
  • Orange base and yellow lid provide greater visibility
  • Lid molded with Slip and Electrical warning symbols
  • Male/female T-connectors on either side for interlocking multiple cable ramps
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Includes a one-year warranty


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