5-Channel Guard Dog Cable Protector for 1.325" diameter cables

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These five-channel cable ramps and protectors are great to use in industrial, commercial, and public areas to protect up to five hoses or electrical cables measuring up to 1.325" in outside diameter. They also provide a safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles weighing up to 21,000 lbs per axle. The cable ramps have patented treads and visual aid warnings molded right into the surface of the ramp for safety. The cable protectors are available in orange and black.

  • Protects cables and hoses up to 1.325" in outside diameter
  • Supports heavy vehicles and equipment weighing up to 21,000 lbs per axle
  • Five channels
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane construction weighs 21 lbs
  • Interlocking male/female system with Dog Bone connectors

Keep cables, hoses, and people safe with Guard Dog cable protectors. The surface of the cable protectors have a patented five-bar tread pattern for maximum traction. The hinged lid on the surface allows for easy placement and removal of cables to and from the ramp. Underneath the cable ramp sections is a carrying handle for easy maneuverability and setup. Each end of the ramp section has a male and female Dog Bone connector to interlock multiple ramps together. 45° angle sections, four-way cross sections, and end caps are also available for additional configuration options. The ramps are constructed from all-weather polyurethane for use outdoors. Custom company logos can be molded into the ramp lids (call for details). These Guard Dog cable ramps protect valuable electrical cables and comply with 1996 National Electrical Code requirements (Article 525) for insulating electrical cables and cords at carnivals, fairs, amusement parks, and similar events.

21,000 lbs per axle
21 lbs
Dog Bone

Product Features

  • All weather polyurethane construction
  • Protects cables and hoses up to 1.3125" in diameter
  • Heavy duty load capacities
  • Hinged lid makes placing and removing cables easy
  • Lightweight, easy setup and assembly
  • Safety warnings and treads molded into lid surface
  • Carrying handle underneath ramp sections
  • End caps available provide a smooth transition from the protector to the ground
  • "Dog Bone" shaped connectors interlock modular sections
  • Custom company logos can be molded into the lid surface


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