Cross-Guard ADA Wheelchair Cable Ramp Rail for 5-Channel Guard Dog Cable Protectors
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Cable ramp ADA rails connect to the Cross-Guard ADA wheelchair ramp for Guard Dog five-channel cable ramps. Provides ADA-compliant edge protection to prevent pedestrians, wheelchairs and more from going off the edge. Each sold individually.

Cross-Guard cable ramp ADA rails interlock with ADA wheelchair ramps to prevent wheelchairs, pedestrians, and more from going off the edge of the cable ramp system. Rails are constructed with a UV stabilized polyurethane that will hold up in all weather conditions. Cross-guard rails connect to the cable ramp system with Dog Bone connectors that are easy to setup without tools. Great in public places where cable ramps are being used like fairs, festivals, concert venues, sporting events, and more.

Please Note: These cable ramp ADA rails only work with specific cable protectors/ ramps and use with any other cable ramp may result in product failure or injury.

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Product Features

  • Provide ADA-compliant protection
  • Connects to ADA cable ramp system
  • Prevents injuries caused by going off the edge
  • All-weather polyurethane construction
  • Dog Bone connectors interlock with ramp system
  • No tools required for setup

Works With

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Use with any other cable ramp may result in product failure or injury

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