Caliber Flex Glides - High Profile

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Ease the process of loading and unloading your snowmobile while protecting your trailer with the Claiber Flex Glides high-profile version. The flex glides guide your snowmobile into the trailer without the need for difficult and strenuous manual lifting. The high-profile design is meant to be used on the outside of a turn to guide the skis around the turn.

  • Protects your trailer and skis from unnecessary damage
  • Designed to adjust to fit any V-Front trailer
  • Can be combined with Caliber Flex Glides - Low Profile to complete enclosed V-Front trailers
  • Made of durable high-density polyethylene plastic
  • Comes in a set of eight pieces
  • Includes stainless steel hardware

The Caliber high-profile snowmobile ski glides easily mount inside your V-Front trailer to prevent it and your snowmobile skis from becoming worn and damaged. The glides feature a high-profile lip that guides your snowmobile directly into the trailer to simplify and reduce the strain of the loading and unloading process. The flex glides are designed to adjust to fit any V-Front trailer. All necessary hardware for installation is included.



Flex Glides Infographic
Flex Glides Placement Diagram CBR-1334-Placement.JPG

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