Caliber Trax Saver

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Save your snowmobile track paddles from damage during transport or storage with the Caliber Trax Saver. This product is designed to integrate with the Caliber Trax Grabber to lift your track paddles off the deck surface during transportation.

  • Prevents damage to track paddles during transport
  • Easily tucks underneath paddles
  • Works with the Caliber Trax Grabber
  • Made of a durable rubber blend

The Caliber Trax Saver lifts the snowmobile track paddles off of the deck surface to protect them from damage during transportation. The Trax Saver easily tucks under the paddles once the snowmobile is loaded, and is designed to fully integrate with the Caliber Trax Grabber. Made from a highly durable rubber blend to ensure effective repeated use. No hardware or assembly required.


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