Canoe & Kayak Trailers / Dollies

When vehicle roof transport isn't an option to haul kayaks or canoes, try using a vehicle hitch receiver! offers a great selection heavy duty canoe and kayak trailers capable of transporting between 1 and 10 kayaks or canoes!

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Portage Pal Single Canoe & Kayak Trailers


Portage Pal Double Canoe & Kayak Trailer


Trailex Canoe and Kayak Trailer

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Boat & Canoe Dolly

5 Star

Kayak & Canoe Dolly

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Kayak/Canoe Cart & Chair

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Magneta Single Canoe Trailer


Malone MicroSport Trailers

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Magneta Double Kayak Trailer


Four and Six Canoe Trailers

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Four and Six Kayak Trailers

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Square Stern Canoe Trailer

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If there are any Canoe & Kayak Trailers that you would like to see offer, let us know! Don't hesitate to call us about new Canoe & Kayak Trailers for sale that are not in our Canoe & Kayak Trailers section. is always looking for new Canoe & Kayak Trailers to offer our customers! We are more than willing to expand our Canoe & Kayak Trailer product line to bring you absolutely low, discounted pricing with unmatched Customer Service!