Race Ramps™ Solid Crib Cruiser Car Wheel Stands - 3,200 lb Capacity
Crib Cruisers By Race Ramps

These wheel cribs by Race Ramps lift cars and trucks 8", to make service or display easy and safe. Lightweight construction combined with a large footprint means these tire stands can be used on soft surfaces, such as grass or sand, without sinking.

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Crib Cruisers wheel stands by Race Ramps elevate car tires 8", perfect for working underneath or displaying a car. These tire stands have a wide, flat footprint, keeping the car stable whether on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete, or soft surfaces such as grass and sand. Race Ramp's Crib Cruisers can be used with many popular wheel caster systems to move the vehicle safely while raised. In addition to cradling tires up to 12" wide, these car stands can hold up to 3,200 lbs (per pair). The wheel cribs won't scratch or damage driveways or floors, and are nearly indestructible. Each set of Race Ramps Crib Cruisers is made in the USA. Sold in pairs.

Crib Cruisers - Holds tire 8quot; off the ground (set of 2)
3,200 lbs/pair

Product Features

  • Raises vehicle 8"
  • Perfect for car shows or under-car maintenance
  • Large, flat footprint keeps vehicle stable on hard and soft surfaces
  • Holds tires up to 12" wide
  • Super Lightweight
  • Won't damage driveways or floors
  • Can be used with many popular wheel caster systems
  • 3,200 lb capacity (per pair)
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Made in USA

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