Parking Car Stops & Blocks

Parking car stops can be used to position & guide vehicles while parking to avoid damage to the vehicle and surroundings. These parking wheel stops can be used at home or at businesses in parking lots, garages, driveways & more. Great for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles & more!

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Rounded Wall Corner Protector

5 Star

Rubber Corner Guards


4' Modular Speed Bump

5 Star

3' Modular Speed Hump


6' Modular Speed Bump Section


Portable Speed Bumps


Heavy Duty Rubber Wall Bumper

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At LLC, we take pride in offering many different parking car stops on our website. We have a variety of sizes for different applications. Some of these parking blocks are ideal for vehicles in a parking garage or parking lot, like the 6 foot or 79 Inch parking lot curb. We also have 22 Inch parking stops that are ideal for use at the home in carports, garages or driveways. And the 22 Inch truck wheel stops that are taller and work great for trucks and buses. We have found high quality rubber parking stops that are durable and won't crack or chip concrete parking curbs. Our entire selection of car stops is designed to work on both asphalt and concrete surfaces. If you have any questions on our parking wheel stops or would like to see us offer a product that we currently do not, feel free to contact us online or via phone at: 1-888-651-3431.