How To: Cargo Roof Bars

If you want to use a roof mounted accessory like a cargo basket or roof mounted bicycle carriers, you first need a set of crossbars.So how do you know which crossbar will work for your vehicle?

  1. The first thing to determine is if you have side rails on your vehicle.
  2. If you do not have side rails, you need our Universal Car Top Bar Carrier with self supporting feet.
  3. If you have side rails, there are four measurements to determine which of our crossbars will work for your vehicle.
  4. Compare your measurements to the table below to see which crossbar item # will work for your vehicle.
Item # A B C D
RLB-2301 No Min. – 46.5″ Max. 1.75″ Max. 1.75″ Max. 1.75″ Min.
RLB-57045 36″ Min. – 43.25″ Max. 1.75″ Max. 1.25″ Max. 2″ Min.
RB-1001 No Min. – 43.25″ Max. 1″ Min. – 3.5″ Max. 1.5″ Max. 2″ Min.
RB-1004 32.5″ Min. – 44.25″ Max. 1″ Min. – 7.25″ Max 1.5″ Max. 1.75″ Min.

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Thanks for reading! Jay Tamez – Discount Ramps LLC