Chain Binder
Heavy Duty Lever Style Load Binder For Securing Cargo

Heavy duty lever style load binder. Forged steel construction gives this lever binder a 9,200lb working load capacity and 33,000lb break strength. Fits 3/8" grade 70 chain or 1/2" grade 43 chain.

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Tighten down loads for safe transport with these lever load binders. Built from forged steel, the chain binders have a large 9,200lb working load capacity and a massive break strength of 33,000lbs. The lever load binder opens to 26-1/2", and closes to 21-1/2". Large hook assemblies work with 3/8" grade 70 chain or 1/2" grade 43 chain, and are connected to the lever binder with hook and socket swivel joints, allowing the load binder to be tightened with a straight line pull. An 18-1/2" long handle on the load binder provides the leverage needed to tighten the chain. Releasing the chain binder is made easier thanks to the design of the heel, which toggles away from the load. All of our load binders are covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty. Looking for another load binder? We have a Ratcheting Load Binder too!

33,000 lbs
9,200 lbs
Lever Type Load Binder
21-1/2" to 26-1/2"

Product Features

  • Large hooks work with 3/8" grade 70 chain or 1/2" grade 43 chain
  • Heavy duty forged steel construction with red finish
  • 18-1/2" Long handle for leverage
  • Ball and socket swivel joints allow for a straight line pull
  • Heel toggles away from the load, making releasing the load binder easier
  • 1 year Manufacturer's warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Do not operate a load binder while standing on the load
  • Never use a cheater pipe or other type of handle extender to tighten or release a load
  • Always position a lever binder so that the handle is tightened in a downward manner
  • When releasing the lever load binder, use an open hand under the handle and push upward. Do not close your hand around the handle
  • Stand clear of the handle when releasing the chain binder; A large amount of energy is stored in the stretched chain
  • Routinely check load binders for wear, bending, cracks or gouges. Do not use the load binder if any of these conditions are present
  • Be familiar with state and federal regulations regarding the size and number of chain systems required for securing loads on trucks and trailers

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