Heavy-Duty Chain Hook
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The clevis hook attaches to 3/8" chains to help secure heavy objects such as skid steers. The clevis-style base and pins are removable and work with any 3/8" high test chain.


The durable steel hook with zinc coating is made to take abuse day in and day out. A narrow shape of the chain hooks make it easy to attach to rub rails and other hard-to-reach anchor points that other hooks may not be able to reach. Features of the chain hooks include u-shaped clevis bases that attach to 3/8" chains with clevis and cotter pins. The cotter and clevis pins can be removed so the hook can be used on separate chains. A 6,600 lb Working Load Limit (WLL) allows use with securing heavy equipment such as skid-steer loaders.

Forged steel, high test clevis hook for 3/8" chains
6,600 lbs

Product Features

  • Used to secure equipment to flatbed trailers or haulers
  • 6,600 LB Working Load Limit
  • Zinc coated for extra protection

Works With

3/8" chains

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