Choosing the Right Pet Ramps/Stairs for Your Furry Friend

Discount Ramps has been receiving a lot of calls lately in regards to our selection of pet stairs and pet ramps. Majority of the questions being asked to our pet product specialists are regarding the weight of the pet stairs that we offer along with the usability of the pet stairs. Because of this we have put together two articles to help find the right ramp and/or pet stairs to fulfill the requirements of your situation. We will be adding more pet ramp, stairs, and stroller articles very soon. For now, please visit the following two pages for additional information:

Pet Articles

We have created a section on our pet stairs and pet ramps page that is specifically dedicated to our pet stairs. See our pet ramps here.

Remember that whenever you are ordering pet stairs, pay close attention to the total height of the stairs so that the top of the last step will be at the level of your couch, chair, vehicle, etc. The reason behind this is a smooth transition onto the other surface. When your pet goes to step off this harder, more stable/firm surface onto, let’s say, a couch — if it is not a very level transition they may get scared or feel unstable. Furthermore, a majority of the pet stairs have a carpeted surface.

If you’re in the market for the most popular and lightest pet stairs we are confident you will find the ultralite pet stairs to be the best option. However, if you’re looking for a more designer-style look you will want to see our wooden bed pet stairs which we offer two models of: a standard and decorative stair.