Cooler Mounting Kit Cords

These cooler mounting kit cords are perfect for strapping down coolers and other rectangular objects. The bungee cords have two hook ends that fasten to available anchor points.

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The cooler mounting kit cords feature two elastic bungee cords that are designed to fit with the cooler mounting kit. The 15 1/4" cords have two hooks at the end that can attach to any available anchor point. These particular hooks are generally attached to the triangular anchor points on the cooler mounting kit. A stainless steel hook hangs off of the shock cord and attaches to a loop or anchor point on the cooler if it is available. If a cooler anchor point is unavailable, the bungee cord simply wraps around or through the handle.

Cooler Mounting Kit - Bungee cords with two hooked ends and a stainless steel hook for attaching to coolers

Product Features

  • Two elastic cords that stretch to different size coolers
  • Stainless steel hooks attach to cooler anchor hooks and loops (If available)
  • Hooked ends to attach to available anchor points

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