3-Channel Checkers Rubber Duct Protector for 0.5" diameter cord

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Keep your 0.5" diameter power cord or Ethernet cable safe, secure, and out of sight with the Checkers rubber cord concealer. It is sized to fit all standard power cords and CAT5 cables and has a grooved underside to keep it from sliding on floors. Made of high quality, commercial-grade black rubber, the easy-to-install wire covers are durable, flexible, and work great at home, around the office, or in an industrial setting.

  • Protects 0.5" diameter cables and cords
  • Single-channel ramp
  • Lightweight and durable 6.85-lb rubber construction
  • 120" long - can be cut to desired length

Hide and protect power cords and Ethernet cables in the home or office with these rubber cord concealers. The 0.5" wide center channel of the wire cover is sized to fit standard power cords and CAT5 cables. A grooved underside, which can be slit for easy cord insertion, keeps the wire concealer from sliding on floors. Made of high quality, industrial-grade black rubber, the wire covers are extremely durable yet flexible too. Weighing only 6.8 lbs, the rubber duct covers can be setup or moved easily by anyone. The cord concealer comes in 10' lengths.

6.8 lbs

Product Features

  • Conceals and protects standard power cords and Ethernet cable
  • Reduces trip hazards in walkways from loose wires
  • Grooved bottom keeps the cable cover from sliding on floors
  • Underside can be slit for cable insertion
  • High quality rubber construction
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight and easy to use


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