4 Channel Heavy Duty Linebacker Cord Protector

This 4 channel cord protector keeps cables, cords and hoses safe from damage caused by vehicle traffic and protects pedestrians from dangerous cables. The Linebacker cord protector is ideal for industrial environments to provide a safe passage for vehicles, pedestrian traffic, heavy trucks and forklifts.

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The Linebacker 4 channel HD cord protector keeps cables, cords and hoses safe from damage and is ideal for use in industrial environments with heavy trucks and forklifts. The cord protector has an orange base with a reinforced, hinged yellow lid for easy cable placement and high visibility. A patented 5-bar tread pattern is on the surface of the Linebacker cable ramps for traction. On the underside of the cord protector is a carrying handle for maneuverability and setup. Each end of the ramp section has either a male or female T-connector to interlock to additional 4 channel Linebacker cable ramps. This heavy duty cord protector is constructed with an all weather polyurethane for use inside and out. Also available are female and male end caps that prevent the cord protector's T-connectors from being damaged and provide a gradual decline to the ground. 45° angle sections are available to create a bend around objects and infrastructure.

Single channel protector for phone line or small 14 -22 gauge wire. Can be split if necessary.
4.6 lbs
(2.1 kg)

Product Features

  • Nonmetallic flexible rubber construction
  • Can be used in the home, office, or industrial area
  • Protects and organizes phone lines and 14-22 gauge wire
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Reduces trip hazards
  • Can be cut to desired lengths


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