5-Channel Right Turn Yellow Jacket Cable Protector for 1" diameter cables

When a straight line isn't the ideal direction to run cables or wires, an angled cover may be perfect for avoiding obstacles and preventing potential hazards. The angled cable cover allows stretching cords around corners while still offering protection to the cords and obstacles.

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The Yellow Jacket series from Checkers Industrial are cable covers that are used in industrial, commercial, and public settings. The polyurethane cover allows a 45° right-hand turn when running cables across a floor that sees a high volume of traffic. Cables, cords, hoses, and even pipes up to 1" in outside diameter are protected when running up to 5 different cords through their separate channels at a single time. A hinged lid makes it easy to access the cables for maintenance or replacement purposes. Dog-bone connectors allow add-ons that can run to any desired length.

Polyurethane (UV stabilized)
-40°F to 120°F (-40°C to 48°C)
Reinforced fiberglass
Per ANSI. Z535.3-1991
16,300 lbs
32,600 lbs
Safety warning symbols molded into lid: Tripping Hazard, Electric Hazard
5 Channel angled cable cover
Yellow Lid / Black Ramp
24" (635 mm)
19.75" (508 mm)
1.875" (57.2 mm)
1.25" (47.1 mm)
1.125quot; (34.3 mm)
13 lbs (5.9 kg)

Product Features

  • Heavy duty polyurethane construction
  • Creates a 45° right turn when running wires or cords
  • Offers protection for cables up to 1" in outside diameter
  • "Dog-Bone" connectors allow add-ons
  • Hinged lid for easily accessing cables
  • Thick lid and base for heavy volume of traffic

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