Aluminum Cranberry Bog Ramps

Easily Move Tractors In and Out of Cranberry Bogs

Specially designed for the cranberry-growing industry, these military-grade, no-rust aluminum ramps will let you access bogs with heavy equipment easily and safely. Dual knife ends allow your tractor and other equipment to easily maneuver in and out of cranberry bogs without hassle. The ramps feature a serrated rung surface for maximum traction and include special drainage holes to keep water from collecting in the ramp's beams.

Item # Length Width Weight Capacity
per Axle
Material Foot
Surface Status Price Quantity
05-16-144-00-00-Layover 12' 16" 86 lbs 5,000 lbs Aluminum Knife Rung
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05-16-168-00-00-Layover 14' 16" 90 lbs 5,000 lbs Aluminum Knife Rung
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10-16-144-00-00-Layover 12' 16" 98 lbs 10,000 lbs Aluminum Knife Rung
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10-16-168-00-00-Layover 14' 16" 118 lbs 10,000 lbs Aluminum Knife Rung
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Features of the HDR Cranberry Ramp:

  • Made with rust-proof aluminum
  • Dual knife ends
  • Sold in pairs
  • Custom sizes available

Increased Traction in Wet and Muddy Conditions

The serrated rung surface of this ramp provides excellent traction while allowing water and loose cranberries to easily flow through and drain out. Able to hold up to 10,000-lbs per axle, these cranberry ramps can accommodate nearly any piece of cranberry harvesting equipment. An effective alternative to traditional ditch ramps, order your cranberry ramp online today!

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