Wanna Whole Lotta Ramp? Custom Built Ramp Systems

Kirk from Sales wanted to share a recent custom built ramp worked on for a client. Enjoy!

Wanna Whole Lotta Ramp!

That pretty much describes this custom built system. Our client came to us with a difficult application. The goal was to get anything from an automobile to say, for instance, a pick up truck onto their dock. The surveyor recommended a total regrade, but that idea had been deemed pretty much a non-stater (due to the drain sewer location in relation to negative grade at the dock).

Steel was out of the picture due to the high maintenance / weight issue, and had be portable.. Aluminum fit into the picture rather nicely due to its ability to withstand corrosion and its relative light weight characteristics! At 30 feet long and 10 feet wide this portable dock unit broke down and fit onto a couple of pallets and was assembled by 2 people in an afternoon.

They came to us for THE solution and WE delivered!