5 Ton Custom 3 7/8" Elevation Curb Ramp

Eliminate small steps in the workplace (up to 3 7/8") with our durable rubber custom curb ramp. Ideal for use in commercial applications, on loading docks where small elevation change create an unsafe and unproductive environment. These ramps are made to be strung together to cover long distances. Curved end ramps can be used to allow easy loading from the side. Gentle 20 degree incline. Huge 5 ton capacity.

  • Made from black heavy duty molded thermoplastic rubber
  • Molded non-slip traction surface for high performance in any weather conditions
  • Huge 5 ton capacity
  • 10 1/4" L by 23 1/2" w x 3 7/8" H
  • Add DH-UP-4-END to finish end with corner piece
  • Weighs 18 lbs
In Stock. Ships within 24 hrs.
Middle sections only - end pieces sold separately
1 Year Warranty


Designed to be used in multiples for increased access between surfaces of different elevation. Ideal for use at loading docks and in commercial applications where a smooth transition over a curb is essential with loads up to 5 tons.


Custom Curb Ramps can be used in multiples to fit curbs of all lengths for increased access and a smooth transition between surfaces with up to a 3-7/8" difference in elevation. The middle curb ramp DH-UP-4 provides a 20° incline over 10-1/4". For angled approaches from the side, simply add the DH-UP-4-END curb ramp end cap. Together these curb ramps combine for custom lengths adding versatility to vehicle flow at loading docks and in commercial applications. The non-slip traction surface provides extra grip in any weather condition. Created with heavy duty molded thermoplastic rubber capable of a five ton capacity. Comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

(1) custom curb ramp - middle section
10,000 lbs
18 lbs

Product Features

  • Combine multiple curb ramps to fit custom curb lengths
  • 20° incline angle for a smooth transition to a 3-7/8" elevation
  • Non-slip traction surface for added grip in any weather condition
  • 5 Ton capacity ideal for loading docks and commercial application
  • May also be used for lawn tractors and other light-duty scenarios
  • Black heavy duty molded thermoplastic rubber
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

*Please note: Custom Curb Ramps require vehicles to have at least 3-7/8" of ground clearance for proper use.

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