Hitch Mounted Deer Hoist With Gambrel by Kill Shot

This hitch mounted deer hoist lets you effortlessly lift game up to 300 lbs for cleaning, skinning and loading into your vehicle. Made from heavy duty steel and finished in a durable black matte powder coat. Includes a winch to raise game off of the ground and 27-1/2" gambrel to support game. Hoist adjusts from 81" to 92" high.

  • Made from black matte powder coat steel
  • 300 lb capacity
  • Fits all Class III and IV 2" hitch receivers
  • Includes heavy duty winch
  • Gambrel for supporting game is 27-1/2" wide
  • Height adjustable from 81-1/2" to 92-1/2" (plus hitch height)
  • Weighs 29 lbs
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1 Year Warranty


Raises trophy kills weighing up to 300 lbs from 81-1/2" to 92-1/2" off the ground easily for irrigating, skinning, aging, and cleaning using a 2" Class III/IV trailer hitch. Each deer lift is made with heavy duty steel construction and finished in a durable matte black powder-coat finish.


Turn a 2" Class III/IV vehicle hitch receiver into a one-stop deer cleaning station with the Kill Shot Deer Hoist. The heavy duty steel deer lift adjusts from 81-1/2" to 92-1/2" high allowing game to be positioned upside down for cavity irrigating, deer aging in < 45° temperatures (if the vehicle will be parked for a couple days), skinning, and vehicle load-assist. Kill Shot's game lift frame design provides 2-1/4" hitch clearance from hitch pin hole to the gusset reinforcement. Includes a heavy duty winch and a 27-1/2" deer lift gambrel for securing game. Maximum 300 lb capacity for those trophy bucks. Finished in a matte black powder-coat for long lasting durability. Includes a one year warranty.

Hitch Mounted Deer Hoist includes Game Lift Gambrel
81-1/2" to 92-1/2"
2" Class III/IV
29 lbs
300 lbs

Product Features

  • Great for cavity irrigating, skinning, aging, and cleaning
  • Height adjustable from 81-1/2" to 92-1/2"
  • Includes 27-1/2" wide deer gambrel
  • 2-1/4" Hitch clearance from pin hole to gusset
  • *Overall height varies depending on hitch height
  • For 2" Class III/IV hitch receivers only
  • Made with heavy duty steel construction
  • Matte black powder-coat finish
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Overall lifting height varies depending on the vehicle hitch height.


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)


5 Stars what a helper

arthur from LA wrote (January 14, 2015):

This has been such a blessing for my poor old back, it is very convenient, I can use it any where , at site,home , or camp. It just a great little invention and easy to use

5 Stars Husband Gift

Ashlie from CO wrote (December 04, 2014):

I have heard " I want that" so many times and this site made it quick and easy. The product was shipped quickly and I got exactly what I wanted! Thank you for the great service

5 Stars A fantastic product to help hunters

Glenn from TX wrote (November 20, 2014):

A lot of times I hunt alone, and I'm not as young or as big as I was. I've loaded big deer into a truck, and it was frustrating and tiring. Getting a 100 to 150 pounds of dead, floppy deer into the bed of the truck is not the easiest chore. I've been looking for one of these and even considered trying to build one. By the time you chase down the material, pay retail prices for each part, and go thru the aggravation of piecing it together, it's gonna cost more than this. Far as I'm concerned, this is a great product, a great price and a great way to save my poor old back. Thank you, Discount Ramps!

5 Stars Great Product

Claudia Johnson from AL wrote (November 12, 2014):

This hoist was a great product, but I had to return it because it wasn't what my husband wanted. He wanted the one you can use with the tailgate of the truck down. People at Discount Ramps were very easy to work with and I would definitely buy from them again.