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Deluxe Camper Cover

Get a custom like fit with the Deluxe Camper Cover from Classic Accessories featuring heavy duty PolyPro III fabric and a three year warranty

3 Year Warranty
Item # Description Color Fits Status Price Quantity
80-036-143101-00 Medium PolyPro III Deluxe Camper Cover Gray 8' - 10' Campers
212" L (top)/126" L (bottom) x 102" W x 92" H
80-037-153101-00 Large PolyPro III Deluxe Camper Cover Gray 10' - 12' Campers
236" L (top)/150" L (bottom) x 102" W x 99" H


The Deluxe Camper Cover from Classic Accessories is made from both triple thick PolyPro III and Polypro fabric to keep your camper protected. The top is made from Polypro III fabric which helps keep out rain and snow, while built-in vents prevent water vapor and condensation from building up inside. This cover can protect the camper from wind and UV rays and also reduce the amount of nicks and scratches. The sides are made from quick drying PolyPro fabric and are zippered to allow quick access to the camper door. There is also a rear panel which can be rolled up and held open with the built-in snaps. A custom like fit is ensured thanks to the adjustable front and rear tension panels and elastic hemmed corners. The design of the cover also allows enough room for things like AC and ladders. A built-in rope attachment system and toss bag make installation easy and prevent you from having to crawl under the camper to install. A handy storage bag is included as well as a three year warranty.

Product Features

  • Triple thick PolyPro III fabric top
  • Keeps out rain and snow
  • Vented to reduce condensation
  • Protects against wind, rain, UV rays, nicks, and scratches
  • Quick drying PolyPro sides
  • Zippered side panel allows access to doors and engine area
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels ensure a tight fit
  • Elastic hemmed corners
  • Designed to allow room for AC, ladders, etc.
  • Back panel can be held open by snaps
  • Built in rope attachment system and toss back eliminate having to crawl under camper
  • Storage bag included
  • 3 year warranty


Instruction Manual


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